25th November 2019

SNAP Truck Parking Now in Germany

SNAP are delighted to announce that two German Truck Parking locations are now available on SNAP Account. Both of these locations are Depot Parking, which means they are pre-bookable and predominantly exclusive to SNAP drivers. Nutzfahrzeug-Service GmbH & Co. and Rudolf Bauer GmbH Co.KG will be the first of many, German Truck Parking locations that accept the SNAP Account, smart-payment system.

Having employed four members of staff in Germany, SNAP are intent on introducing the benefits of SNAP Account to the rest of Europe. SNAP are proud to be working with members of the haulage industry from over 35 countries and parking locations in central Europe will undoubtedly benefit a large number of SNAP drivers that pass through Germany on a regular basis.

German SNAP Parking Options

Nutzfahrzeug-Service GmbH & Co. is a Depot Parking and Truck Washing location in Horster Heide 1, 49434, Germany, with 30 parking spaces. Gates, Fencing and CCTV are included as security features, whilst other amenities include a toilet, shower and washing machine.

Rudolf Bauer GmbH Co.KG is also a Depot Parking and Truck Washing location. This site is based in Klaus-Conrad-Str. 18, 92533, Germany and offers 10 exclusive spaces to SNAP drivers. Security features include Gates, Fencing and CCTV. Toilet and shower facilities are also available.

Will This Impact UK SNAP Parking?

If you think we are putting all of our eggs into the European basket, don’t worry, we are still keeping a close eye on our current operations in the UK. We will always be striving to develop the Truck Parking and Washing options throughout the United Kingdom, as well as concentrating further afield.

To find out more information about SNAP and their European plans, head to snapacc.com or visit the SNAP social media channels.

Josh Cousens | SNAP.

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