11th August 2021

SNAP haulage update 11/08/21

Find out what has been happening in the world of haulage this week.

 As tests exceed 700,000 since the start of the year, positivity rates fall after an uptick the previous week. With schools now closed for the summer, all eyes will be on the data over the next six weeks.

Highway Code changes – “Unsafe and unjust”, says RHA

The RHA is extremely concerned at the changes to the Highway Code as announced today by the Department for Transport.

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How Addiction Has Affected The Freight/Delivery Industry

If the last 18 months has done anything, it’s changed the way a lot of people live their lives. Not only has it seen many give up bad habits but it’s also seen a great deal acquire new bad habits too. 

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Army ‘on standby’ to deliver food amid HGV driver shortage

British Army HGV drivers have been put on standby to help deliver food to supermarkets in the event that the national driver shortage continues to threaten supplies 

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Further drivers’ hours extension won’t fix driver shortage – but a package of short and long-term measures can

Relaxing drivers’ hours won’t make any material difference to the HGV driver shortage, and fails to address the underlying issues which require a package of measures to fix.

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UK government backs scheme for motorway cables to power lorries

The government will fund the design of a scheme to install overhead electric cables to power electric lorries on a motorway near Scunthorpe, as part of a series of studies on how to decarbonise road freight.

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