20th October 2021

Haulage News 20/10/21

It's never a dull week in haulage, and this article will reveal the biggest stories from the transport and logistics sector this week. We have also graphed the number of haulier Covid tests and positivity rates. 

Driver shortage: Government extends cabotage rights

The Government is hoping to ease pressure on the country’s supply chains caused by the driver shortage by temporarily extending so-called ‘cabotage’ rights.

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Are women the future of trucking?

Jodi shares her insights on trucking, safety, advice on breaking into the industry and her thoughts on how truck parks can modernise to give the sector a much-needed boost and ensure its technologies and approaches stay at the forefront of automotive development.

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Survey shows skills shortages are growing across the logistics industry

The Performance Tracker also highlighted that skills shortages are growing across the entire logistics industry, not just affecting the availability of HGV drivers.

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Motor vehicle driving licences: HGV driver shortage

Increasing capacity for testing candidate HGV drivers, combined with supporting legislation, aims to relieve the pressure on the haulage industry.

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Alcohol and drug misuse - is it time to test your workforce?

The full implications of the COVID-19 pandemic will take many more months, if not years, to play out. One of the many worrying consequences is that the restrictions and lockdowns have left a legacy of harmful drinking. A report published this year found that 36% of people increased their alcohol consumption during the first lockdown in 2020.

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