1st December 2021

Haulage News 01/12/2021

As 2021 and another huge year for haulage is drawing to a close, we have collected the biggest industry stories this week. We also reveal the number of haulier Covid tests and positivity rates. Click here to find more information on Covid testing for HGV drivers. 

Government must improve HGV driver working conditions

The HGV driver shortage has been brought into sharp focus in recent months, causing significant supply chain delays across multiple sectors. However, it is an issue that has been around for a long time.

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Business groups raise concerns over January customs changes

Operators handling goods entering the UK from the continent should not be complacent about the scale of the changes coming into force on 1 January, business groups have told MPs.

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The importance of camera systems in UK haulage fleets

Over the past few years fleet operators have faced increasing pressure to comply with stricter safety legislation and provide safer working environments for their drivers.

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Emerging sustainability trends in the logistics industry

A third of shipping containers in the world are empty in transportation and every fifth truck in the European Union travels without cargo. For the people who make sure goods are distributed worldwide, it was shown that a new era of technical innovation and optimization was needed to keep up in modern times.

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Network Rail: Lorry drivers need to 'wise up, size up'

Network Rail has revealed a list of Britain’s most-bashed bridges. In addition, the organisation is calling on truck drivers to follow its ‘Wise Up, Size Up’ campaign. Surprisingly, despite fewer trains and passengers due to Covid-19, bridge strikes cost Network Rail more than £5.5 million.

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