15th December 2021

Haulage News 15/12/2021

With Christmas and 2022 around the corner, we take a look at some of the biggest haulage news stories this week. We also unveil the number of haulier Covid tests and positivity rates. Click here to find more information on Covid testing for HGV drivers. 

How can hauliers cope with Christmas? 

The Christmas rush is something hauliers anticipate every year. But it’s going to be felt more acutely this year with the additional pressures of a driver shortage and Brexit affecting the supply of some goods.

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How fleet managers can prepare for winter conditions

Even in the UK, which sees milder winters than other parts of Europe, roads can often be blocked and the adverse weather increases handling and braking distances significantly. However, there are a few simple things that operators can do to help their fleets keep moving.

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UK and Europe’s largest lorry park opens for business in Kent

The new Ashford International Truckstop opened in Ashford, Kent on Tuesday 7th December 2021 (today), with a range of modern facilities for the drivers of up to 660 trucks per day, making it the largest in the UK and Europe.

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‘Cautious optimism’ driver shortage is easing

Logistics employers are starting to see the green shoots of recovery, according to a report from Logistics UK, published this week.

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The potential fines & vehicle damage of coasting in neutral

LeaseLoco surveyed just over 1,000 people (1,016) to reveal that 45% of respondents who drive admit to coasting. Coasting is where a driver drives with their foot pressed down on the clutch or the gearstick in neutral in an attempt to save petrol. However, many drivers will be surprised to know that this is a false misconception.

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