19th January 2022

Snapping into Europe

As 2022 begins, SNAP is back to business, and we have extended our network of locations across Europe. Three new HGV locations in Belgium and one in France have recently started accepting SNAP Account payments for truck washing transactions. The Belgian locations have made history, becoming the country's first to join the SNAP network, demonstrating our mission to provide HGV smart payments across the continent. 

Plus, SNAP's European Network team are already speaking with several other parking and washing location in France, Belgium and Germany. So, if you or your fleet are delivering in Europe or just passing through, and you want to use your smart-payment account for HGV services, we've got you covered. 

Where are the new locations?

Drivers in Europe can pay with SNAP Account at the new truck washing locations - located at the following addresses:

Truck Wash SSW - Karveelstraat 40, 8380 Brugge, Belgium. 
Truckwash Limburg - Slakweidestraat 26, 3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium. 
Guy Herion SA - Rue Saint-isidore 1b, Marche-en-famenne, 6900, Belgium. 
Delisle Lavage Claye Souilly - CD34, Route de Chelles, Claye Souilly, 77410, France. 

But this is just the start, and SNAP's Network team are busy negotiating with HGV locations across the continent. 30 more locations in France and five in Belgium will be accepting SNAP Account payments very soon, so keep an eye on intruck or SNAP's Facebook page for the announcements. 

Where else can I use SNAP Account in Europe?

Western Europe continues to be a central hub for haulage activity, and SNAP aims to make HGV smart payments readily available throughout the continent - to become Europe's leading payment system for the haulage industry.

SNAP's network of locations across Europe

Drivers in Europe can already use SNAP Account to pay for Truck Parking, vehicle Washing and Depot Parking in the following countries:

  • UK - 196 locations
  • Germany - 94 locations
  • France - 12 locations
  • The Netherlands - 11 locations
  • Belgium - 3 locations
  • Slovakia - 2 locations
  • Denmark - 1 location
For more information on the locations available in Europe, visit snapacc.com/locations. 

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