14th February 2022

The top 10 trucking TikTok channels

TikTok announced itself during the Covid outbreak and became the most popular app in 2021, with 656 million downloads worldwide.  

The app's unique, feel-good content and community spirit has seen hundreds of truck drivers adopting the platform. Drivers document their days, reveal industry cultures and highlight haulage to the world. This article will look at 10 of the best truck-related accounts on TikTok.  


Roy runs one of the big truck driving TikTok accounts - with over 181k followers. His profile has been active since late 2019, but his witty content has grown in popularity ever since. Expect to see videos from inside the cab, scenes on the job and hilarious memes. 

Check out his profile here. 


Ash is a proud Scania driver and likes to support the manufacturer on his channel. But he also jumps onto the latest TikTok trends and has a collection of entertaining content for followers to watch. 

Check out his profile here. 


Jodi, aka the 'Pink Trucker', has become a popular face in the haulage world, and her TikTok has an impressive 11.6k followers. Jodi flies the flag for industry females and often shows her pink HGV navigating the urban London maze. 

Check out her profile here. 


The 'Pukka Trucker' from South London has amassed over 7,500 followers on his TikTok profile. His channel includes content from his extensive haulage journeys all over Europe and the unique experiences from driving overseas. 

Check out his profile here.


You may recognise Jay from his truck driving YouTube account, but he added a TikTok channel in 2021 to offer his followers another perspective. He has a range of video content, including dashcam footage of driving in some very treacherous conditions. 

Check out his profile here.


Lee has created a loyal following of over 40k followers, who tune in to watch his haulage content. His videos show some of the loads he pulls on the job, his high-tech cab interior and informational content, like how to pick up a trailer. 

Check out his profile here. 


As another haulage heavy hitter on YouTube, Luke transitioned to TikTok to share his content with a new audience. You can expect to find highlights from trucking events, a day in the life series, discounts for his online shop and other industry banter. 

Check out his profile here. 


Mark drives for Eddie Stobart, and the company lorries feature heavily in his content - even the female fleet of Tracie, Lynn, Susan and Annalise. His videos feature unique camera angles that portray his HGVs in their glory, plus his daily experiences. 

Check out his profile here. 


With over 8,500 TikTok followers and a proud user of the #tiktoktruckers, Simon makes it onto our trucking top 10 list. He shares road interactions with fellow truck drivers, impressive dance moves, and HGV light shows. 

Check out his profile here. 


Jake specialises in low-loaders and flatbed trucks which feature heavily on his channel. He also offers his followers a fresh industry viewpoint. He attaches his GoPro to different parts of his lorry and records an array of cool exterior angles while his vehicle is on the go. 

Check out his profile here. 

Are you using Tik-Tok? Which accounts do you follow? Have we missed any top haulage accounts from our list? 

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