21st March 2022

How do I pay with SNAP Account?

You can now pay with SNAP Account at over 380 HGV locations across the UK and Europe - without cash, card or receipts. Pay with your licence plate by entering it into a SNAP Payment Terminal or giving your details to staff at the location.

Once your payment is confirmed, the service will be charged to your SNAP Account, and you can enjoy your parking or washing session at the location

SNAP Payment Terminals

Did you know that a growing number of SNAP locations are using SNAP Payment Terminals to process parking and washing transactions? 

After you park up and walk into the main building, look out for a payment terminal. Payment terminals are usually located in the forecourt area and have SNAP branding. 

To confirm your parking or washing session, enter your licence plate details and the specifics of your stay into the payment terminal. The fee will automatically be charged to your fleet account - without you even speaking to a member of staff.

What if there are no SNAP Payment Terminals? 

Alternatively, if the location does not have a SNAP payment terminal, you pay by giving your details to staff at the location. They can often be found in the office, at a counter, or the gate.  

They will input your licence plate details into the SNAP portal, and the service will be charged to your fleet account. 

And it's as simple as that. No need for cash or card and no collecting receipts. All you need is your licence plate details. 

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