9th March 2022

Haulage News 09/03/2022

March is here already, and drivers have started to see sunshine on their routes after the previous storm disruption. Find out what has been going on in the world of haulage this week, as we have picked out some of the most significant industry stories. We have also shared the recent data to provide you with the number of haulier Covid tests and positivity rates. Click here to find out more information on Covid testing for HGV drivers.

Soaring wage, fuel and energy costs crippling many operators

Thousands of small hauliers are at breaking point and require emergency action to help keep them afloat, including a fuel duty freeze, an essential-user rebate and a 12-month delay to the red diesel rule changes, according to the RHA.

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Hauliers warned 2G phase-out could shut down fleet tracking systems

Operators relying on older fleet tracking systems should consider upgrading their technology to avoid ‘major blackouts’ as the UK’s mobile networks begin to phase out 2G, writes Chris Tindall. In December, the government announced 2G and 3G mobile networks would be phased out by 2033 as part of measures to increase the security of telecoms supply chains and to support a transition to faster technology, such as 5G and eventually 6G.

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Are Dashcams vital for the trucking industry?

How many vehicles are on the roads nowadays without a dashcam? The answer is probably very little! This is because they help improve the safety and security of drivers which, in turn, snowball into further benefits for the drivers, companies, customers, and other road users and civilians.

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HGV operators can now use aerodynamic features and longer cabs to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Changes to legislation aimed to make HGVs more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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World’s largest biomethane refuelling station opens in Avonmouth

CNG Fuels, the UK’s leading provider of renewable biomethane for HGVs, today announces the opening of the world’s largest public access biomethane refuelling station in Avonmouth, near Bristol. The site will meet the growing demand from major brands to cut emissions from haulage and save money, while also supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s road haulage sector, responsible for 18% of total UK road transport emissions.

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