23rd March 2022

Haulage News 23/03/2022

The sun is shining, and spring has arrived in the UK. Find out what has been going on in the haulage world this week. Here are the biggest industry stories and data showing the number of haulier Covid tests and positivity rates. Click here to find out more information on Covid testing for HGV drivers.

Industry demands government to take urgent action on fuel prices

Thousands of hauliers are being urged by the RHA to write to their MPs to ask for urgent action on fuel prices ahead of the March Budget.

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Do falling road freight prices signal easing of the HGV driver shortage?

New industry data reveals that haulage price-per-mile index fell below courier figures for the first time in 11 months, but industry costs remain high.

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Cabotage decision goes to public consultation

A decision on whether or not to continue the current extension of cabotage rules has been put out to public consultation.

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Women in transport: unlocking opportunities

Women make up 47 per cent of the UK workforce yet remain underrepresented in the transport sector, accounting for only 20 per cent of workers. However, thanks to efforts made in recent years by transport companies and other organisations, the situation is steadily changing, and women are becoming represented at every level.

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Red Diesel: Warning to users to get their tanks in order

National waste management experts CSG have issued a warning to users of red diesel to ensure any surplus fuel in storage tanks is collected and disposed of correctly, to avoid heavy fines.

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