20th April 2022

Haulage News 20/04/2022

Hopefully, you all managed to enjoy some downtime during the Easter bank holiday weekend, but if you are wondering what has been going on in the world of haulage this week, you have come to the right place. Here are the biggest industry stories.

Government pledges £20m to improve roadside facilities for HGV drivers

An extra 11,000 safe and secure parking spaces across the UK are needed to plug a security shortfall for HGV drivers, according to the RHA.

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Fleet optimisation: Easing fleet and driver shortages

Drivers with no sleep, poor nutrition, and extended hours – can the fleet industry rely on its existing practices? Labour shortages and container freight rates will remain elevated throughout 2022, putting additional pressure on the remaining workers. Yet, the average commercial truck driver in the U.S. is a 55-year-old man likely to retire within the next 10 years. With a tired workforce on a countdown to resignation, it’s time for companies to look to the future and strategize a plan.

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Transport and storage now the main industry in 11 UK districts 

The rise in online shopping and courier activities over the last decade means there are now 11 local authority districts in the UK where transport and storage has become the dominant industry, official figures reveal.

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New 'Fleet as a Service' platform to help manage mixed fleets

A new Fleet as a Service (FaaS) platform is launching this year, delivering an end-to end solution for fleets as they decarbonise and transition to alternative fuelled vehicles.

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Security takes the driver's seat in the digital world of fleet automation

“We have a problem when it comes to the security of our fleet.” Words you may hear from your boss. Next thing you know,  you  run through your check list of questions  such as “what challenges are we trying to solve for, where do we begin researching companies, how do we know if we are looking at the right solution, and how do we implement and manage this without negatively impacting productivity?

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