17th August 2022

Haulage News 17/08/2022

Here are the biggest news stories in haulage this week

Certas to offer vegetable oil at HGV refuelling sites

Certas Energy is rolling out Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) across its HGV refuelling sites nationwide. The company says fleet operators can instantly cut up to 90% of their business’ greenhouse gas emissions using the fuel.

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UK's first hydrogen-electric truck

Alternative fuel experts at Luxfer Gas Cylinders are celebrating the launch of the UK’s first mass produced hydrogen-electric truck, in a historic milestone that is the result of a partnership between the Nottingham-based firm and fellow pioneers, Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks.

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Government extends funding for HGV driver training

Government funding to train HGV drivers has been extended for another year in a move aimed at tackling the ongoing skills shortage in the sector. The funding was announced last year as part of government plans to train 4,000 new HGV drivers.

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UK haulage prices show July drop

The latest TEG index data reveals that the average price-per-mile for haulage vehicles dropped between June and July for the first time since 2019, in line with lower fuel prices.

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Government consider allowing car drivers to drive 7.5-tonne trucks to tackle skills shortage

Car drivers could be given the right to get behind the wheel of large vans and lorries up to 7.5 tonnes as part of a range of government proposals aimed at tackling the skills shortages in the logistics industry, writes Carol  Millett.

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