22nd September 2022

Perishable Movements – Depot Parking case study

General Manager, James Tinkler explains how, in less than four months, Perishable Movements have used SNAP to generate over £22,000 in extra business.

James is General Manager at Kent-based, Perishable Movements and is responsible for overseeing the everyday operations. The family-owned business originated in 2003, but in 2022, they were looking for new ways to increase their profits. 

James reveals how Perishable Movements implemented SNAP Depot Parking, opened a new revenue stream and made extra money from unused parking spaces.  

Perishable Movements

Perishable Movements manages the supply chain of temperature-sensitive goods and extends the shelf life of perishables - with an active import and export presence in over 25 countries across the globe. 

The business pride itself on building long-lasting relationships with clients and partners - and has three depots within the UK and an African office in Nairobi.

Despite Perishable Movement's thriving business, James was keen to explore new opportunities to increase revenue. The company already use SNAP Account to pay for their driver's truck parking, and having heard about SNAP's Depot Parking scheme, Perishable Movements added Depot Parking to their business.

What is SNAP Depot Parking?

Depot Parking allows fleet owners to rent out the empty spaces in their yard to SNAP drivers and increase revenue. SNAP introduced the scheme in 2012 to alleviate the European parking shortage without developing new purpose-built truck parking locations. 

As logistics centres and fleet depots already have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate HGVs, they can make extra cash from the available spaces in their yard. 

Depot Parking Sites have higher levels of security, and the initiative is reducing the number of drivers using vulnerable layby locations. Depot Parking is predominantly exclusive to SNAP drivers, meaning that without a SNAP Account, it is unlikely that drivers will be able to access these sites. 

How does it work?

SNAP drivers pre-book a space at Depot Parking Sites. While, site managers know who to expect by using SNAP's online portal to view driver details and vehicle licence plate numbers. 

"It was a simple and easy process to set up, and communication and support have also been great," says James. 

The amount of parking spaces is fully dynamic and can be adjusted instantly. Operators can reduce or increase the figure at the click of a button – which updates the SNAP system immediately. 

You can charge SNAP Account drivers for overnight parking, and SNAP will pay the money directly into your account every month. SNAP also completes the paperwork and markets the site free of charge.

Enter SNAP

Perishable Movements started using SNAP's Depot Parking scheme in April 2022, becoming the 100th Depot Parking Site across the UK and Europe, and successfully achieving multiple transactions on their first night. 

"After two weeks of the site being live, we were booked up to the managed vehicle numbers daily. We've even got to know some regular drivers who repeat book at our site," says James.  

Four months on

Despite already generating £22,000 in extra revenue, James says the best thing about SNAP Depot Parking is "being able to offer the best parking facilities in Kent.

"The whole population relies on our HGV heroes for transporting goods, and we ensure that drivers have somewhere safe to park with good facilities."


The relationship between SNAP and Perishable Movements is only starting, but James says he wholeheartedly recommends other fleets to sign up for SNAP's Depot Parking network. 

Start driving extra revenue

Do you want to start earning extra money by renting out the empty spaces in your yard – especially if you have drivers out on the road? 

By allowing HGV drivers to park in your facility, SNAP will promote your empty spaces, send drivers your way and pay you directly.

Click here for more information. 

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