15th June 2017

Getting prepped for Truckfest Malvern and a new app coming soon!

The summer/autumn Driver’s Guides have been printed, delivered and are now in the process of being sent out to all of our 55,000 drivers across the Europe. It features a fully up-to-date list of all of the sites that accept SNAP, broken down by whether they’re a regular parking site, a wash site, a Depot site or a mixture, along with all the pertinent information about the site.

Here at SNAP HQ we’re back in Truckfest prep mode as we get ready for the Wales and Southwest event coming up in a few weeks. Goody bags are being packed, guides are being printed and the course we built for the Remote-Controlled HGV is in dire need of some repairs, thanks to some very reckless drivers...

After the hectic and relentless weekend at the first Truckfest in Peterborough, we’re looking forward to a more relaxed experience in Malvern. As always, it’s a fantastic weekend where we get to meet some of our customers and put faces to names, as well as meeting some new potential customers and having a chat about what it is that we do. We’ve been fortunate enough to secure a Family Day pass for a day at each of the Truckfests that we’re going to this year to give away. Head over to our facebook or twitter to check out the competition we’ve put together for this one; spot the differences, guess and you’ll be entered into the draw to win!

Our new partner app intruck is also on the way! It will allow users to search for truckstop across the UK and will have all the important information like facilities, opening times and contact details. You’ll be able to search for SNAP sites too, and even book yourself a spot to park at one of our Depot sites. At the moment, we’re going through the final test phase ready for release in early July so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

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