18th September 2017

Truckfest Cheshire

It’s all over! This weekend just gone was the last Truckfest for 2017, with the festival season kicking off all the way back in May, we’ve been all over the country, finally finishing in lovely Knutsford. After a very long and tiring trip up from Norwich last Friday, we arrived in the evening and set up our stand ready for the weekend.

We put in a respectable effort to hand out as many of our remaining goody bags as we could. By Sunday afternoon, we found it almost impossible to give them out, half of the guests walking past had a bag, and most of the rest told us they had at least one packed away in their cars.

As always, it’s a great chance to meet our customers and get the word out about what we do and how drivers could benefit. We had a lot of our customers coming over to chat, all were very complimentary about the service we offer, all keen to grab a free T-shirt. We met a lot of drivers who had already downloaded our partner app intruck and had some good feedback that we will try to feed into future updates of the app.

Despite a bit of rain over the weekend, combined with the not-so-pleasant drive up, we all had a great time and think we went out on a high note. After a summer of Truckfests, we have certainly done what we set out to do; spreading awareness about SNAP and the service we offer, met a huge number of existing customers as well as some we hope will join us in the future.

So, who’s going to be at Truckfest Peterborough next Spring?

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