Maximise Revenue from the Empty Spaces in Your Yard

Generate extra money for your business by joining SNAP’s Depot Parking network. Open your gates to a pool of 90,000 drivers who are looking to park in secure SNAP locations. We’ll do all the hard work and pay you directly.

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Make Money and Help to Solve the Parking Crisis

SNAP’s Depot Parking solution was introduced to combat the European parking crisis and has already helped to open an additional 222,000 Truck Parking spaces for the haulage industry.

If you have empty spaces in your yard, particularly when your own vehicles are out on the road, why not open a new revenue stream by accepting HGV drivers to park in your facility? We’ll promote your empty spaces, send drivers your way and pay you directly.

How does it work

Joining SNAP’s Depot Parking network is easy and you don’t need to be a Truck Park to qualify. Depot Parking locations are pre-bookable by SNAP Account drivers, while you control access via our secure online portal which shows drivers details and vehicle licence plates.

The number of spaces you offer is dynamic, so if you wish to increase or reduce the amount of parking spots available, it can be amended at the click of a button.

By opening the empty spaces in your yard to drivers in need, you are helping the HGV industry and will be creating extra revenue for your business with minimal effort.

Step 1

Register quickly and easily online as a SNAP location.

Step 2

Your Depot Parking location will be promoted in all marketing materials and your empty spaces will become available to the 90,000 drivers using SNAP Account.

Step 3

Manage the number of spaces you want to offer and who can access them. Each time a registered driver uses your parking, the fleet is billed and you get paid.

What Can You Expect?

SNAP Account drivers will fill your empty spaces and top-up your profits at no additional cost to your business. We’ll handle all the paperwork, market you to drivers and fleets, and provide first-class customer support. By registering for SNAP’s Depot Parking, you will be accompanying Royal Mail, DSV, Bartrums, RD Williams and others in the network to fill empty parking spaces and earn extra money.

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