No more cash, no more receipts, no more hidden costs.

SNAP Account is the complete solution for fleet managers looking to streamline their operations, saving both time and money. We offer a wide range of services to our customers which appear on one itemised invoice, with no extra charges, no monthly fees, and no hidden extras. You pay only for what you use.

The entire system is based on vehicle registrations. You can manage your vehicles individually, or in groups, based on the services you wish for them to be able to use. You can change your fleet information at any time, with instant effect, meaning that you will never pay for a service you didn’t intend to use. We can cover our fleets for Parking, Washing, Roadside Assistance, the Dartford Crossing and new Daily Vehicle Checks.


Managing your HGV fleet has never been easier with SNAP Account. Instantly manage your fleet information, including accessible services and vehicle changes and receive itemised bills for all services. Say goodbye to petty cash, holding onto receipts and hidden costs.

Features Setup

Fast, easy setup

Simply register online and you can start using our HGV payment service within a day.
No account or transfer fees

No account or transfer fees

We won’t charge you for using our services, you will only pay for what your drivers use.*
Licence plate recognition

Licence plate recognition

No forms or paperwork, just enter your fleet’s licence plate numbers and get started.
One itemised bill

One itemised bill

We’ll send you an itemised list of services used by each vehicle; where, when and cost.
Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options

You can choose to pay by Direct Debit, BACs or over the phone. Easy!
Online account management

Online account management

Manage and view your fleet information and current expenses any time.
Add/remove vehicles

Add/remove vehicles

Our flexible service allows you to manage vehicles any time, with immediate effect.
Control costs with limits

Control costs with limits

You can decide which services are accessible by each fleet vehicle, and how frequently.
Remove hidden expenses

Remove hidden expenses

Our transparent, itemised invoicing details every cost incurred by your fleet drivers.
Live Receipting

Live receipting

Log in to see a list of live transactions and keep on top of your expenses as they happen.
Manage your fleet

Manage your fleet, your way

Create groups to view and manage vehicles by contract, depot, or categories you choose.
Instant reporting

Instant reporting

Download live or historic transaction data into Excel to streamline your bookkeeping.

*Coming soon to our partner app intruck, you will be able to complete your daily checks from any Android or iOS device. It allows load, damage, incident and crime reporting with picture uploads. It will be free for SNAP Account members for the first 6 months and just 50p per vehicle per week afterwards.

Comprehensive cashless payment for the haulage industry

Cashless HGV Parking

Cashless HGV Washing

Cashless HGV Roadside Assistance

Cashless HGV Dartford Toll Payment

Cashless HGV Checks

Asset Finance

An unprecedented level of control

SNAP Account gives you full control over fleet expenditure.

Restrict usage

For vehicle washing, you can add restrictions to individual vehicles, or do the same by depot or contract. For example, you may have washing facilities of your own at certain depots and wish to restrict certain vehicles from washing elsewhere; you can simply change a few details online and turn off washing for those registrations.

You may also wish to prevent unnecessary expenditure on washing by limiting each vehicle to one wash every two weeks, for example. This would mean the specified vehicles will not be able to wash at any SNAP sites more than once within a two week period. To maintain flexibility you can give certain members of staff the authority to override these limits if you wish.

No food expenses

No truckstop on the SNAP network is allowed to include charges for food within the parking fee. They never include any hidden extras such as meal vouchers which sometimes cause friction between drivers and management. This avoids unnecessary tax liabilities and, in the event of tax inspection, your expenses are transparent.

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