The all-in-one smart payment solution

SNAP Account is designed for HGV fleets and offers access to over 250 parking and washing locations across the UK and Europe. The service is used every 20 seconds and removes the need for cash and receipts - helping fleets to avoid hidden costs.

By joining SNAP, you also gain entry to a range of exclusive Depot Parking locations, offering enhanced levels of security.

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How it works

Over 4,500 fleets throughout Europe are already using SNAP Account to pay for Parking and Washing – all via their vehicle licence plate numbers. Each time a driver uses a SNAP Account service, their licence plate gets entered onto the SNAP system, and the fee is added to the fleets monthly invoice – allowing operators to manage multiple HGV services on one account.

SNAP Account services


Enjoy SNAP Account smart-payments at over 120 Truck Parks in the UK and Europe – alongside 62 Depot Parking Sites, exclusive to SNAP Account drivers with enhanced security facilities. Read more about Depot Parking here.


SNAP Account customers can pay via their licence plate number at over 100 UK & European Truck Washes – plus a host of mobile washing operators. Our dynamic system provides frequency control to prevent unnecessary spending.

UK Mainland customers can also benefit from the following services:

Roadside Assistance

Dartford Crossing

Asset Finance

SNAP Account Benefits

One itemised bill

  • No account or transfer fees
  • Pay invoices manually or via direct debit

Online account management

  • Fast, easy setup
  • Add and remove vehicles quickly and easily
  • Instant reports and live receipting

Control costs with limits

  • Remove hidden expenses

Licence plate payment

  • No paperwork or receipts, just enter your fleet’s licence plate numbers and get started

Why join SNAP Account?

Use SNAP Account’s all-in-one smart-payment solution to streamline your fleet operations, protect your cargo and save your business time and money.

Your drivers will be able to access and make smart-payments at over 250 HGV locations across the UK and Europe.

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