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SNAP Account has saved us a considerable amount of money by improving efficiency, reducing receipt handling and not having to repay driver’s expenses. We also see it as an important part of the package we offer when recruiting drivers and therefore, SNAP helps us to retain our existing ones. The team at SNAP are helpful and efficient and their handling of our Dartford Crossing use is nothing less than expert.

Peter Brown, Managing Director, Jack Richards

We have used the SNAP service for four years now and find the system to be cost effective and time saving. Drivers no longer have to worry about spending cash for parking - they just need a SNAP site. Prior to the change of system at Dartford, drivers needed change to get through - after the closure of the tolls booths, they needed to let the office know they were using it in order for payment to be made - now, with the addition to the SNAP scheme, all it needs is a simple quick check of the invoice...again, so accurate, I’ve never found a mistake. Everyone I’ve spoken to there is very helpful and friendly - I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to any haulier.

Jacky Wollaston, Manager, Lowes Transport

SNAP makes life so much easier for my drivers when stopping out, rather than have to pay out of their pocket and claim it back just give them the registration and bingo sorted, even makes it easy to find the truck stops with the SNAP detailed map. The other service we use is the Dartford Crossing, couldn’t be simpler I just email a list of registrations to SNAP and they pay the Dart Charge automatically takes the worry out of missing any that may go over the crossing and get fined and SNAP take money from our pre-paid account. I can highly recommend SNAP to any haulier.

Tommy McGregor-Smith, Operations Director, Fenwick Haulage

I’ve been on board with SNAP virtually from day one. As it has grown, it has given my drivers more flexibility in where they can park without having to spend their own money and claim it back. It also eliminates the risk of losing receipts and consolidates all my parking charges on one, easy to process invoice. The constant addition of new parking/washing facilities just makes the job that little bit easier. The communication from SNAP is second to none, with regular updates on new and discontinued sites. All in all, an extremely good service, efficiently run and very cost effective.

Lee Cunningham, L. Cunningham and Daughter (Haulage)

SNAP Account is very useful for myself and another part time drivers as it nullifies the need for carrying cash plus the fact that all transactions are recorded on invoice. A lot easier than looking for parking/wash tickets every week/month.

All in all a great help when I am on the road most of the time.

Roy Smyth, R S Freight

We have found SNAP an absolute breath of fresh air! It has made parking for drivers easy as well as helping our petty cash flow.

Drivers finding themselves with no money trying to park is a thing of the past now which in turn saves fuel and money!

Danny Barratt, Managing Director, Martyn Barratt Transport

We find using SNAP a safe, efficient and problem free way of paying for parking. Sites are clean, secure and provide good facilities for drivers that are away from home. Before we used SNAP we had a constant headache of reimbursing drivers for parking, SNAP has now made this a much simpler process.

Michael Bangs, Transport Manager, Direct Express & Pharmadex Logistics

Just as I was reading your email, I received a text from one of my drivers requesting a parking fee from this week, to be left in his cab for when he starts back on Monday morning, what a hassle!

This probably sums up why we use SNAP, effortless and affordable.

It’s just a shame that there are still some parking places which don`t use the SNAP service.

Thanks for making my job slightly easier.

Simon Willitts, Director, S. J. Willits

We use SNAP in the main for overnight parking and find the network of sites comprehensive and well placed. The fact all stops are charged to our account means we’re only getting charged for what we use; a cost-effective, secure and convenient solution to the problem of safe parking for our long distance trucks during the working week.

Matthew Starling, Director, Starlings Transport & Storage

Prior to using SNAP we were constantly paying out from a petty cash tin, having to make allowances for lost receipts etc.etc.

SNAP has been a godsend as we now get a formal quantified VAT invoice which we can reconcile against each truck.

No meals within parking charges to deal with as well as a known network of parking sites across the UK.

NTEX Limited would highly recommend this service to any company.

Mike Crookes, Manager, NTEX

Having a SNAP Account is great as I don’t have to enter all the separate receipts and parking tickets, everything is shown clearly on the weekly invoices making the VAT easy.

Changes to sites are sent to us by email and updating and adding new vehicles to the on line account is also very easy to do.

Payment is taken weekly by Direct Debit and we are notified beforehand, a lot less hassle and paperwork!

Cindy Edwards, Cranage Haulage

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