Would you like an extra 450 visitors to
your truckstop a month?

We want to become your biggest and best customer...
By joining SNAP Account you can reap the benefits of:

drivers from over 3,700 fleets


of SNAP Account custom
every year*


parking sessions a month*


No Monthly Fees

We charge no monthly or set up fees. We just ask for a modest discount on each transaction.

Free Promotion

Free entry into our Driver’s Guide, interactive map, social media posts and promotion on the intruck App.

Guaranteed Payments

No more chasing payments or fiddling with petty cash, just regular, large, automated payments.

On average we bring each of our parking sites 450 parking sessions per month; sessions that they would otherwise be missing out on. At an average price of £12, this means that you are probably missing out on around £60,000 of custom every year due to not being able to accept our users.

*Average figures from all of our truckstops through 2016

How SNAP works

SNAP’s hauliers and fleet operators register their fleet’s licence plate numbers with us online, then each time a registered driver uses a service at a SNAP site, the cost of the services used is billed back to the fleet operator. Simple.

Behind the scenes, we work with sites to provide an efficient, seamless service. When a SNAP Account member uses your services, just input the licence plate number, and the cost of the transaction, and we’ll pay you. On time. Every time. Guaranteed. You’ll never have to chase us for payments.

How SNAP can work for you

We currently have 91,000 UK drivers across 3,700 fleets signed up to SNAP Account; all looking for a SNAP registered truckstop where they can spend their money. Being part of the SNAP network allows you to access this increasing number of customers looking to spend money on parking and washing. We offer the only solution available in the UK that allows you to process fuel cards as payment for parking, giving your customers even more options.

In addition to making your site available for our SNAP Account drivers, we will also actively market your site to our drivers and fleet operators to drive their business to you. We do a huge amount of promotion for all of our sites, and make sure that our growing base of drivers know where sites are, and what services they have to offer.

Access & Security

Are you looking for ways to increase your cash flow?

It is very difficult to ensure all vehicles that are parking at your site have paid the correct amount for their stay. SNAP can supply and install high quality ANPR cameras that read and time-stamp the number plates of every vehicle that enters and exits your site. This information is fed into our inhouse designed ANPR system which integrates with automated barriers and our payment system allowing vehicles to be checked on exit to ensure that the correct tariff has been paid before the vehicle leaves the truck park.

Furthermore, if required, SNAP can provide a bespoke system that can process front and rear number plates allowing automatic charging for trailer swaps or trailer only parking, again improving your cash flow.

Do you have problems with unauthorised access to your site?

In a busy depot/truckstop it is impossible to make sure every person that is entering and exiting your site is authorised to do so. To secure the entrances and exits of a truck park we can supply and install automated barriers and powered gates. These barriers and gates protect against unwanted vehicular or pedestrian access as well as controlling the flow of vehicles in and out of a truck park. Additionally, if you require a white-list of vehicles with authorisation into your site this can also be added to our system and edited at any time to allow free-flow of these pre-authorised vehicles.

We can also supply and install under vehicle scanners which take an image of the underside of every vehicle. This allows the operator to check for persons or foreign objects on the underside of each vehicle before allowing them access to the secure truck park.

Would you like the perimeter of your site to be more secure?

The perimeter of a site can often be a very difficult area to secure. SNAP can provide perimeter fencing of varying heights and security grades. We can also provide and install thermal imaging cameras to secure the perimeter of a site, with technology to differentiate between humans and animals to reduce false alarm rates.

Would you like to increase security within the site?

SNAP can provide state of the art CCTV camera systems for your site which can be monitored and controlled on a PC or smartphone. The cameras themselves will provide 360° coverage in low light and the images are stored for at least 30 days and can be used as evidence by law enforcement should an incident occur.

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