Are you tired of ratcheting fuel prices?

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Did you know that you can use SNAP to pay for refuelling - saving your drivers time and saving you money? SNAP Fuel offers a sustainable, transparent pricing structure and discounted rates at our partner company, Certas Energy’s refuelling locations.



  • No usage obligations or new card fees - pay as you go

  • Sustainable and transparent pricing that will always reflect the market

  • Manage all your HGV services in one account - Parking, washing and fuelling

  • Discount at Certas Energy refuelling stations

  • No need for cash or credit/debit card

  • Itemised invoices

  • Spending control options

  • Accepted at over 3,500 UK Fuels locations across the UK

How it

Drivers can refuel their HGVs at any petrol station within the UK Fuels network and present a SNAP Fuel card to pay for the transaction - removing the need for cash or credit cards. The fee gets added to a weekly invoice.

An array of SNAP Fuel accepting locations are accompanied by SNAP Account parking and washing facilities – allowing your drivers to park, wash and refuel in the same, one-stop-shop location.

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SNAP Fuel is exclusive to SNAP Account customers

Current customers can add SNAP Fuel to their existing SNAP Account package. New customers can sign-up to SNAP Account for free to use SNAP Fuel and other SNAP Account services.

How it works


SNAP Account is used every 15 seconds by one of the 5,700+ fleets using SNAP’s payment system. Transactions occur across a network of 300+ truck parking and washing locations throughout the UK and Europe that accept SNAP payments.

The SNAP Account smart payment system and online account management are based on licence plate numbers. Once a fleet or driver becomes a SNAP customer, they register their vehicle licence plate numbers via SNAP's online portal. Each time a driver uses a SNAP Account service, a site operator or ANPR technology will record their licence plate details.

SNAP automatically adds the transaction to the account related to the number plate - eliminating the need to handle cash and collect receipts. Each fleet receives a weekly itemised invoice with an overview of service activity for all their vehicles.

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SNAP have become our provider of choice and if their pricing continues to remain fair, we do not see that changing.

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We feel SNAP Fuel is a market leader in what they offer, and offer a niche product in the market with their bunker solutions.

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- Alex Lomax

Director of Reformation Logistics ltd

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