Why use SNAP?

Truck Parks/Truck Washes

SNAP can bring your Truck Park an extra £100,000 of potential SNAP Account custom, every year.

  • Added business
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Free promotion
  • No Monthly Fees
Fleet Operators

Manage multiple services and key expenses for your entire fleet - all on one simple, weekly invoice.

  • Minimise paperwork & admin
  • Streamline business operations
  • Online account management
  • No Monthly Fees

Make your driving life easier with SNAP Account's all-in-one smart payment solution.

  • No more cash or receipts
  • Find more Parking & Washing locations
  • Key expenses on one invoice
  • No Monthly Fees

The all-in-one smart payment solution

SNAP Account is the smart payment system for Drivers and Fleet Operators. Register your vehicles online and anytime they use a SNAP service, the cost will be added to your monthly invoice. Simple.

By recognising vehicle licence plate numbers, SNAP Account removes the need to carry cash and keep receipts. It also offers operators dynamic control over which services each vehicle can use

Cashless HGV Parking Parking
Cashless HGV Washing Washing
Cashless HGV Roadside Assistance Roadside Assistance
Cashless HGV Dartford Toll Payment Tolls
Cashless fuel payment Fuel

HGV Parking

SNAP Account offers smart payment at over 270 HGV locations across the UK and Europe. These include over 100 Depot Parking sites, which are unique to the SNAP network and are usually fleet operator's yards, providing higher levels of security. SNAP Account drivers can pre-book at Depot sites guaranteeing them a space when they arrive.

One simple invoice, detailing all parking transactions with VAT clearly documented.

HGV Washing

Use SNAP smart payment at over 190 Truck Washing sites across the UK and Europe. Simplify the management of your Truck Washing expenditure by limiting wash frequency for each vehicle.

HGV Roadside Assistance

(Only Available in the UK)

SNAP Roadside Assistance covers all bases for drivers, in the event of an accident or breakdown. If your vehicle has a problem or has been involved in a road traffic accident, call SNAP Roadside Assistance to swiftly resolve the situation. We cover you for a wide array of scenarios, from recovery and roadside assistance, to uninsured loss recovery and work under warranty.

Dartford Crossing

By adding the Dartford Crossing to your SNAP Account, you won’t ever have to pay a penalty fine again. Your vehicle licence plate numbers will be recognised by Dartford’s ANPR system and the charge will be added to your SNAP Account invoice, removing the worry of paying via Dart Charge, each time you cross.

Our charge for the Dartford Crossing is the same as the government’s post-crossing fee.


(Only Available in the UK)

Use SNAP to pay for your HGV refuelling - saving your drivers time and saving you money. SNAP Fuel customers pay no annual fees and get a sustainable, transparent pricing structure and discounted rates at our partner company, Certas Energy’s HGV refuelling sites.

How it works

SNAP work with a large number of HGV service providers across Europe, who support our smart payment system. We will be notified each time your vehicles use any of the services. We collate which services were used and by which vehicles, and send you an itemised invoice at the end of the month. Simple.

Easily manage your fleet via the SNAP online portal. You can add or remove licence plate details and control which services are used by each vehicle, and how often.

Open your free account

Sign up online or on the phone

Add your vehicle licence plate details

Submit the licence plate number of all required vehicles

Use our registered locations and crossings

Truck Parks, Truck Washes, Dartford Crossing and Roadside Assistance.

Receive one itemised weekly bill

All activities are collated and presented into your account

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Trusted by over 6,700 happy haulage companies

"SNAP Account has saved us a considerable amount of money by improving efficiency, reducing receipt handling and not having to repay driver’s expenses. We also see it as an important part of the package we offer when recruiting drivers and therefore, SNAP helps us to retain our existing ones. The team at SNAP are helpful and efficient and their handling of our Dartford Crossing use is nothing less than expert."

Peter Brown
Managing Director, Jack Richards

"We have found SNAP an absolute breath of fresh air! It has made parking for drivers easy as well as helping our petty cash flow. Drivers finding themselves with no money trying to park is a thing of the past now which in turn saves fuel and money!"

Danny Barratt
Managing Director, Martyn Barratt Transport

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