Comprehensive cashless payment for the haulage industry

SNAP is a national payment account for HGVs. Simply register your vehicles online and anytime they use a SNAP approved HGV service, such as lorry parking or truck washing, we’ll add the cost to your weekly invoice. Simple and transparent expenses.

Recognising your fleet’s registration numbers, SNAP removes the need for drivers to carry cash or keep track of receipts, as well as offering operators dynamic control over which vehicles are allowed to use various services. The driver simply turns up at a HGV parking site or truck wash and supplies their registration, or drives through the Dartford Crossing ANPR system and this allows the fleet operator to be automatically billed for the services used.

HGV Parking

SNAP Account offers easy cashless payment at over 100 HGV parking sites across the UK, plus exclusive access to pre-bookable lorry parking at SNAP-only depot sites; these are normally other fleet operator’s yards and provide high levels of security as well as guaranteeing that your drivers have a space reserved when they arrive.

One simple invoice details all parking transactions with VAT clearly documented.

HGV Washing

We offer easy cashless payment at over 40 HGV washing sites across the UK, plus optional wash frequency control, making the management of your fleet’s truck washing expenditure a breeze.

HGV Roadside Recovery

HGV Roadside assistance, provided by members of the Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators ensures that you are in good hands and by using this service, you will avoid excessive statutory removal charges being levied by the authorities.

This option can be added to your account with one phone call, and if you need to use it, it will appear on your itemised invoice.

HGV Repairs

Be back on the road as quickly as possible with roadside repair for your HGVs included within your recovery package. Cover extends to roadside tyre replacement, curtain-side and tail-lift repairs. Any repairs undertaken will appear on your itemised invoice.

Dartford Crossing

No more penalty charges. Sign up to the Dartford Crossing on SNAP Account and you will never receive a penalty fine from Dart Charge, as long as you keep us up-to-date with your vehicle registrations.

No need to make individual payments in advance or remember to pay Dart Charge after travel. Crossing transactions will appear on your itemised invoice, allowing one simple payment.

Our charge for the Dartford Crossing is the same as the government’s post-crossing fee of £6 + VAT (€7.80 + VAT if you're a SNAP Euro customer).

Daily Vehicle Checks

Coming soon to our partner app intruck, you will be able to complete your daily checks from any Android or iOS device. It allows load, damage, incident and crime reporting with picture uploads. It will be free for SNAP Account members for the first 6 months and just 50p per vehicle per week afterwards.

How it works

We work with a large number of HGV service providers across the country that support our cashless service, so when your registered vehicles use any of our partner services, we will be sent a notification detailing which service was used and by which vehicle, then we’ll send you an itemised invoice at the end of the week. Simple!

You can manage your fleet easily using our online portal, adding or removing registered vehicles whenever the need arises. You can also control which services are used by each vehicle, and how often.

Open your free account

Sign up online or on the phone

Add your vehicle licence plate details

Submit the licence plate number of all required vehicles

Use our registered sites and crossings

Truck stops, washing sites, Dartford crossing, recovery and repairs

Receive one itemised weekly bill

All activities are collated and presented into your account

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Trusted by over 2,400 happy haulage companies

Having a SNAP Account is great as I don’t have to enter all the separate receipts and parking tickets, everything is shown clearly on the weekly invoices making the VAT easy.

Cindy Edwards,
Cranage Haulage

SNAP makes life so much easier for my drivers when stopping out. I can highly recommend SNAP to any haulier.

Tommy McGregor-Smith,
Operations Director, Fenwick Haulage
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