Connecting journeys across Europe

SNAP connects the road transport industry through technology, security and our extensive European network.

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Why join SNAP Account?


We make your life easier by connecting you to our network of road transport services - when and where you need them.

Fleet Operators

We simplify fleet management - from depot to destination - through connected services and our network of HGV locations.

Location Managers

We improve your profitability and optimise your operations. We drive more business and guarantee your payment on time - every time.

SNAP Account is used every 15 seconds across Europe to pay for HGV services

SNAP Account services

SNAP Parking

You can pay with SNAP Account at over 275 Truck Parks in Europe, including over 100 Depot Parking sites across the continent. These are predominantly exclusive to SNAP Account drivers and contain enhanced security features.

SNAP Washing

SNAP Account customers can pay via their licence plate number at over 120 European Truck Wash locations. We have a dynamic system that provides frequency control – allowing you to set washing limits and prevent unnecessary spending.


Did you know that you can use SNAP to pay for refuelling - saving your drivers time and saving you money? SNAP Fuel offers a sustainable, transparent pricing structure and discounted rates at our partner company, Certas Energy’s refuelling locations

SNAP Dartford

Each time you use the Dartford Crossing, we guarantee you won’t receive a charge for late payment. Transactions appear on the same invoice as your other SNAP Account activity, and we save you the hassle of dealing with Dart Charge directly.

SNAP Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance package offers a fast, reliable, 24/7 breakdown service for HGVs. We keep you informed throughout the process, and repairs will only start after consulting the driver – meaning no surprise bills.

Industry leading security packages

SNAP Access & Security blends tailored security products and market expertise to protect the people, vehicles, and contents of your haulage site.

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Proudly using SNAP

Find truck locations using the intruck app

The drivers' app includes 5,000 HGV locations across Europe. Use intruck to find truck parking and washing locations near your transit route.

Do you want to save yourself the stress and pre-book a truck parking space ahead of time? intruck users can reserve a spot at SNAP Depot Parking Sites and pay via the app.