SNAP - a proposition for fleet operators. Start making money from your land by using Depot Parking

Make extra income by renting empty parking spaces in your yard to SNAP drivers.

We notify our users you have joined the SNAP network and send their business your way - generating extra revenue for you. You control the quantity and availability of parking numbers - ideal for busy fleets whose vehicles occupy the yard at weekends.

There are no fixed fees, and joining the Depot Parking network is free. Plus, you are helping to solve the truck parking shortage and offering drivers much-needed parking options.

Why join the SNAP Depot Parking network?

SNAP introduced the Depot Parking scheme to alleviate the European parking shortage without developing new purpose-built truck stops

As logistics centres and fleet depots already have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate HGVs, you can make extra cash from the available spaces in your yard.

Businesses across the continent have been adding to their earnings since SNAP launched the Depot Parking scheme in 2012.

In 2022/23, Glen Transport generated over £550,000 in sales from Depot Parking revenue. The Glen Transport site has 50+ truck parking spaces in Leighton Buzzard for SNAP drivers.

Depot Parking Sites also add spaces to solve the truck parking crisis, helping drivers to avoid vulnerable laybys and industrial estates.


Benefits for
private truck park operators

You can join the SNAP Depot Parking network and add to any parking services you offer, or use SNAP Depot Parking to provide exclusive access to SNAP drivers - so you know who is on your site.

Your site will appear on the SNAP map page and the intruck app, advertising that drivers can park in your facility. Your opening times and the number of available parking spaces are listed - and you can adjust the information using your SNAP Portal to suit your changing circumstances.

Customer base

185,000+ truck drivers use SNAP Account across Europe, paying for truck stop services every 13 seconds. This customer base is constantly looking for new truck parking options.

We will advertise your site to our vast network of drivers and send their business to you.

On-time payments

We guarantee we will pay you for every SNAP driver that parks at your truck stop - so you know you are maximising the revenue from your operations. We will pay the money directly into your account every month. We also complete the paperwork and market your site free of charge.

Reservation management ability

SNAP drivers book truck parking spaces at Depot Parking Sites ahead of time - so you know who is arriving at your gates. You will receive a notification every time a driver reserves a parking space, and you can see their driver details and vehicle licence plate numbers.

You control access via your SNAP Portal, and if you wish to increase or reduce the number of parking spots for a particular day, it only takes the click of a button.

Development of your land through a partnership with SNAP

We help increase security and grow your reputation by introducing security technologies. SNAP Access & Security specialise in reinforcing the security of haulage premises across Europe, and we help to protect the people, vehicles, and contents within your site.

Benefits for drivers

The SNAP Depot Parking scheme does not only benefit the logistics centres and fleet managers. SNAP drivers gain access to additional parking facilities throughout Europe - meaning they stay away from cargo crime hotbeds like laybys and industrial estates.

Booking management

SNAP Depot Parking Sites offer the booking option to drivers and fleets. So, if drivers run low on drivers' hours or like a particular truck stop, you guarantee a parking space.

If you know your transit routes, drivers and fleets can book their parking spaces for up to six days in advance.

Non-cash payment

As with the SNAP Account service, payment is all digital for Depot Parking. Drivers or fleets input their vehicle licence plate number at the booking stage, and we charge the parking fee to the fleet account.

You will never handle cash, a card or receipts using SNAP Depot Parking or have to chase payment - we guarantee it.


Because Depot Parking Sites are often other fleet operators' yards or business premises, they usually have higher security levels. The enhanced security means drivers can sleep well, knowing their cargo is safe, while logistics centres make money from housing the drivers in their facility.

SNAP standards

SNAP is committed to connecting truck journeys across Europe - from depot to destination.

Truck parking reservations - how does it work in SNAP?

Drivers can book truck parking spaces at any of the 160+ Depot Parking sites across Europe in the following ways:

SNAP Portal

Once they have confirmed their booking, they know their parking space is guaranteed when they arrive.

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SNAP Account - read our partners' reviews

  • Wayne Hattle - Glen Transport

    “Depot Parking has created an extra revenue stream that we don’t have to do much to earn. An added bonus is that we don’t have to chase different companies for money, which saves manpower, and it was easy to implement because we already had all the infrastructure in place.”

  • James Tinkler - Perishable Movements

    "SNAP Depot Parking is a fantastic, innovative entity that provides much-needed parking and inherent facilities for drivers whilst creating an additional revenue stream to us as a business with minimal effort or outlay."

  • APP Wholesale - Hailey Road

    “We had a large area that was being underused. We invested in infrastructure, which has given us another source of revenue.”

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to join the SNAP Depot Parking network?

Businesses do not have to be recognised as truck parks to generate parking revenue from SNAP. Royal Mail, DSV, Bartrums, and RD Williams are already on the network, and if you have a toilet, shower and enough space for at least one HGV to park, you can become a Depot Parking Site.

Does SNAP help with parking space planning?

Your SNAP Network Liaison will work with you to establish how much you can charge from your truck parking spaces and the best way to present your site.

We have long-term relationships with our Depot Parking partners and are on hand to answer any questions or queries you have.

Does the location of the truck park make any difference?

Truck parking spaces are in high demand across Europe. Adding new parking options will always be a positive action - and you can profit from it.

Truck parks in some regions can charge a higher fee for parking because of the amount of HGVs in the area, but SNAP will discuss what your business may be able to generate during a consultation.

How can I manage my parking bookings?

You use your SNAP Portal to manage your parking bookings. You can view driver details and vehicle licence plate numbers - helping you to know who is arriving at your site.

You can also use your SNAP Portal to view all your bookings for the week ahead. And you can adjust your opening times and the number of available parking spaces if needed.

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A member of the SNAP team will be in touch to talk in more detail.

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